Urban Mining

Paradise Lost/ Regained? Utopia to Survival (detail)

Andrew Freedman House Grand Concourse at 166th, Bronx, NY

dry wall, canvas, collage, broken wood frame windows, laser photo transfers

11” x 20”

Commissioned for No Longer Empty’s exhibition “This Side of Paradise,” Manon Slome curator.The installation is a book-like construction of broken drywall panels and broken wood frame windows. The panels are layered with torn canvas with curling edges, a metaphor for the story of the end of the Andrew Freedman house era and the once destitute Bronx. Eras are represented with phantom-like photos transferred on the canvas constructing a narrative of loss, change and survival. Panels are collaged with memorabilia, papers, references to Bronx Hip hop and the lives of residents salvaged from the moisture ridden remains.